TRX Training Tutorial

TRX training tutorial provides both professional athletes and senior citizens with exclusive opportunity to get great muscles and balanced flexibility. It has been developed for Navy SEALs training and incorporates lightweight suspension equipment, which you can find at many gyms. You can even train at home with the special portable kits.

What is TRX?

Its base are suspension-based workouts, which are made up of several rounds. TRX exercises for beginners can include one or two rounds, and people with better fitness level can take more of them. The exercises use body weight resistance, which engages core in every single movement and helps to get fit fast.

The TRX training circle includes:

- lower body;
- upper body;
- core;
- exercises on cardio.

The number of burned calories is really impressive. You can not only get perfect curves, but also burn nearly a thousand calories per one training. Just compare – it's like running eight miles!

trx training tutorial

What makes this program unique?

The program has an unusually wide range of uses and many free TRX workouts. The exercises can be done by anyone, no matter what their fitness level is. This program is used by professional athletes, at home trainings and even has specific facilities for rehab and recovery from different injuries.
The basic principle is lifting the weight of your own body instead of using specific facilities. Of course, you can't change your own weight, but there are many ways to influence your training process. If it's too easy or hard, you can change the actions, using wide TRX exercises list, and increase or decrease your workload.

The benefits of the TRX workout program

- development of core, all-over strength and flexibility at the same time;
- keeping you fired up all the time, whether you are doing TRX exercises for abs or work the core;
- suitable weight, as ladies don't have to lift as much as guys.

Just start training on TRX program – and you will notice great muscle tone and tightness in just several weeks!