Functional workout with TRX loops

For several years in a row workout with TRX is one of the most popular programs among the visitors of fitness clubs and among professionals. The more people try this type of simulator, the more fans get different TRX workout classes.

Briefly about TRX

TRX or Total Body Resistance Exercises can be literally translated as exercises on the overall resistance of the organism. But if we translate meaning, it refers to the work with its own weight, i.e. without additional equipment. The full name of the program sounds like TRX Suspension Training, i.e., it is training with its own weight with the use of suspended structures (loops).

It was invented not in order to introduce wellness in physical education. In fact, it was created by marine Randy Hetrix in 1990 with the aim of supporting good physical shape in the absence of any equipment. First, he used conventional parachute loops; and then the system was improved and was proposed to the fitness industry, where it began to gain momentum with great speed.

What gives this type of TRX training?

TRX trainer exercises are great opportunity to keep yourself in good shape within the TRX training class and at home. All that you need is to find a place where you can hang the loop. The hinges can be adjusted in height, you can adjust the stabilization factor, so you can ease the intensity of the exercise or complicate it.

This is versatile functional exercise that allows you not only to develop all muscle groups, strengthen ligaments and tendons, but also to develop flexibility, agility, strength, vestibule apparatus, endurance and more. This exercise has another important advantage – effective development of muscles of the so-called bark (muscles-stabilizers). TRX class workouts can be used in all other types of training – strength, cardio, Pilates, exercises of which are very useful, exercise therapy etc. 

The exercises are suitable for all age groups, for men and women, for persons with deviations in health status, because in this exercise there is no axial (vertical) load on the spine. To find the best for you to exercise you should learn a list of TRX exercises. And in order to choose a suitable time for training in accordance with your personal regime, you need to pay attention to TRX exercises chart.

TRX exercises chart