TRX exercises for weight loss

Let's talk about TRX exercises for weight loss. Training system TRX (Total Resistance Exercises) was developed by militaries of the U.S., who never had the possibility to visit the gym but needed to keep form. The point of this exercise is to use a single machine – rubber loop, – terminating in two rings. If you monitor what muscles shake during exercise, you can be quiet: during TRX weight loss workout, TRX utilizes all muscle groups. During exercise there is a continuous change of position of a body, you are moving in all directions. This system is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness, including beginners. In the process of functional TRX training for weight loss you use only your own weight, without additional weight items. As a result of training on the TRX, you will restore flexibility of the joints, develop muscular corset, and you can also use TRX to lose weight. 

About the TRX loops

The TRX set of exercises is performed on a special simulator based on two elastic straps with rings, forming a loop. Loops for training are lightweight and comfortable, you can exercise with help of them at home and you can take them with you on trips. Fitness loops for TRX weight loss you can buy or make yourself.

Today the following types of TRX equipment are available: 
• Tapes. These are the rubber straps, on which the rings are attached.
• Rings. There are plastic, wood or metal kinds of rings.
• Attachments for the training loops.
• Functional loops. These are the rubber straps with rings on the ends that can be mounted on any base.
• Suspension fitness loops. They are mounted in the gyms on a special support frames or wall mountings.

TRX weight loss

The effectiveness of the TRX weight loss program 

It is very effective to use TRX exercises for weight loss. As the activity takes place in a dynamic mode, pulse rate and sweating increases, creating the conditions for fat burning. The essence of the exercises is repetitive movements of the body in hinged condition. Working with hands and feet, you train all muscle groups and reduce your weight. For example, you can perform such exercises on the simulator as pullups, squats, pushups, crunches, swing of the buttocks. You just fix the hands or the feet in the rings, and the belts add pressure, bringing you back.

Fat burning TRX workouts include both individual training and group. Not all fitness centers have enough space to be able to equip it with TRX training equipment for group trx classes. So often there are individual sessions with a trainer and the right program.

A set of exercises

TRX training on the simulator is safe and suitable for all ages. Exercises on loops are also called suspension training. The training program should be designed taking into account your level of physical fitness.

The program of training with straps makes all muscle groups to work, especially the muscles that support the body's position in space. You will be able to work over individual parts of the body, to improve coordination and posture without harming joints and spine.
To perform a typical program select 10-15 exercises and do them one by one. Do not forget to rest between them. For the circuit training you should select 10 exercises, which are repeated in a circle. In the end, you need to make the maximum number of circles with little respite between them. 

The most popular exercises in TRX and weights workout are the following:

1) squats on one leg or “gun”;
2) push-ups with feet fixed in hinges;
3) push-ups lying on your side with legs fixed in the loops;
4) lifting the pelvis from the supine position with legs fixed in the loops;
5) lunge one leg forward when the other is fixed in the simulator;
6) the bending of the arms in the rings of the simulator;
7) pulling up from a prone position, holding the belts;
8) squats with both feet;
9) breeding the hands;
10) breeding the legs. 

If you want to ensure the effectiveness of the use of the TRX for weight loss, you should read the reviews of those who've experienced it himself and read one of TRX weight loss success stories.