TRX Workout Plan

If you are interested in the development of coordination, if you do CrossFit, finally, if you simply visit a fitness club, then sooner or later you will come across such a thing as TRX workout plan. This is the simplest simulator, which is a conventional slings with the holders at the ends. However, a simulator that can be considered truly universal – it is designed for any kind of physical activity. In this article, I’ll tell you how this is the trx training program can be used in strength training.
For a start, take a brief excursion into history.

TRX Workout Plan

TRX suspension training

For the first exercises, which were used hanging lines, dating back to the 19th century. But they were quite primitive devices, and they haven’t been developed. But in the 90 years of the last century, the former “seal” (special forces USMC) Randy Hetrick returned to the idea of using slings and created TRX in its current form. However, a mainstream audience got to know about a new simulator only in 2005. But it gained the popularity almost from the first day of sales, prompting the emergence of numerous analogues.

I must say that TRX is a truly versatile piece. It is used in the training of fighters of mixed martial arts (MMA), for the development of high-speed performance, to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, for flexibility, for the development of endurance, in the high-intensity interval training. Finally, using the trx workout program, you can increase power performance. The main difference of the trx from other simulators is that much more attention is paid to coordination as well as small muscles stabilizers. That is, we ignore in this case, there will be nothing. One more advantage of the TRX is the fact that you can use it to deal with not only in the gym, but also at home, and even outdoors.

But let’s go back to the development of power performance – our attention will focus on the trx workout plan. It allows muscles to work out practically, and does it very well. But let’s look at best trx exercises.

TRX exercises

The first of this trx training list is devoted to training the muscles of the back. Become face-to-simulator, arms are extended forward with slings. Your body is slightly deflected backward. Tightening by tension lat, we perform a warm-up set of 15 reps.

TRX Workout Plan

Put the foot closer to the simulator, the body is deflected back, legs are slightly bent at the knees – and carry out 3 sets of 10 repetitions. The closer you put feet to the fitness machine, the greater the load are on the latissimuses. If you need extraordinary load on the latissimuses, the exercise should be done with one hand.

Exercise number two is devoted to training the chest muscles. It’s very similar, only in this case, we stand with our back to the simulator. Arms are stretched forward and downward; in fact, we are doing the usual push-ups. Again: the closer the leg is to the simulator (in this case, the farther they are laid back), the greater the burden is on the target muscle group. Similarly, we perform a warm-up set of 15 reps and 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. We make sure that the harness is not rubbing on the hands. Little hint: if you see that it is not “pull” the desired number of repetitions, just pull up your legs to you (slightly zoom into the vertical position of the body) and continue the exercise.

trx chest exercise

TRX Exercise for legs and buttock muscles: holding the lines, we do the most ordinary attacks back. Slings little help to implement recovery and allow the technique to monitor the exercise. To complicate the exercise, it is necessary to do lunges diagonally. And it is really difficult to do the exercise if you will not touch the floor by the toe of the right foot, which makes the attack. In this exercise, we perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

trx workout plan

The roman chair: stand up with your face to the simulator and cant – is the starting position. Gently straighten your back and return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. Generally, targeted “pumping” of rear beams of the deltoid muscle is not an easy task. The starting position – as well as in the exercise for the latissimus dorsi, the case is not much to lean back. Raise your hands up, or – as an option – spread them apart. As in the previous exercise of our trx workout plan, we adjust the load moves toward the simulator (increased load) or from (decrease pressure). Still perform a warm-up set and three working exercises.

Finally, the suspension workout plan for beginners includes the TRX exercises for the biceps – using the TRX, it is quite possible to “pump up the banks.” Starting position again is the same as in the training of the broadest. Only in this case, we bend your elbows, trying to pull the maximum palm to your forehead and even further behind the head. The more the body is separated from the vertical, the more difficult it will be to do the exercise. In the starting position, you have a neutral grip, at the end of the exercise, your palms must be rotated to your face. We turn away from the simulator, webbing outstretched arms forward and up. Bend your arms behind your head, trying not to raise your elbows and then straighten them – thus we make the triceps work. It turns out very good imitation of the French regime. The exercises for the hands are performed in a warm-up set (15 reps) and 3 working sets (10 reps).

trx biceps curl

In general, we can say that all these exercises just give excellent load. And, once again, not only on the target muscle – the work includes numerous muscles and stabilizers, the development of which we often neglect. In most of the exercises of trx workout plan, you can use almost the weight of your body, which means that power rates will also continue to grow.